In 1990, Mongolia was in recession full of unemployment and poverty due to the shift from a socialist society into a democratic one. Some say that this caused the unemployment rate to reach 60% and consequently resulted in a huge social issue of many children being victimized by poverty and child abuse. Children born in 89 and 90s during the shift into democratic society 27 years ago are now the representatives of that time. We were brought up during that time of hardship, still are and will continue to be important part of the current society.

Therefore, we are confident that by supporting the future generations and holding their skills up front, we can bring about a change to our Country and bring about a new era. It is undeniably true that the slow national development of Mongolia is due to corruption, injustice and irresponsible political policies.

However we are enthusiastic to create a new era of productivity based country through our own skills, genuine labor and loyalty. We are confident that we can bring back global recognition to Mongolia once again. Please look on how we change our country while prospering.

type LLC S.Ravjaa